Fashion Channel

Fashion Channel has been rooted in fashion since far-off 1982 when it started publishing its first magazine, with an eye to the future.

Fashion Channel, better known at the time as "Canale Moda", proposed a distribution based on the most advanced video-tape support systems inherent to the world of fashion and high fashion, from the catwalks of Milan to those of Paris, inspiring with interviews to the most famous and influential designers and professionals in the fashion industry.

Towards the end of the '80s, regarding the advent of the London Fashion Week, the magazine is renewed, becoming a selected collection of the fashion shows of Milan, Paris and London, thus giving life to the first special inserts: one dedicated to evening dresses and the other to knitwear.

 In 1992, ten years after its foundation, the brand "CANALE MODA" acquires an international scope, becoming "FASHION CHANNEL since 1982" and, at the same time, expanding its market, no longer limited to the jet set and the international catwalks.

Fashion Channel is the only content provider that has contributed to the launch of the three most prestigious fashion, events, luxury and lifestyle satellite networks in the world.

 Today, Fashion Channel's Youtube channel - - with over 39,000 videos consulted worldwide by industry enthusiasts or simply curious, with about 700 million views in 2020 alone, Fashion Channel has established itself as a great reality, offering innovative content and always keeping up with international style trends.

Fashion Channel is the ideal partner for the industry, available on the main distribution platforms.